Teacher’s Views

I welcome you to A.C.N.P. School with pride . It is an honor & a privilege to  be the Vice Principal of A.C.N.P School,the school that stands for excellence & continuously sets the highest standard , the school is  alma mater which all alumni look back to with fond memories , the school that  has given this state many distinguished  personalities & Leader in diverse field Catering to more than 1000 students  ,A.C.N.P considered among the best & most sought after school in the city.

                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Renu Sharma


Our system of education suffers from many defects. The greatest defect in our present system of education is that it is too theoretical. An educated man has only bookish knowledge. He knows nothing about practical things. As the things stand today, this system has become a riddle. No one knows what exactly it is. The students feel burdened with their dry school schedule. Computers and Television take most of their time. They do not even spend some time towards health. A look at the school bag of any student can tell the miserable state of these tiny souls. The syllabi are so large and the numbers of subjects to be studied are so many that students remain bewildered all the year round. Normally the students are physically present in the class but mentally they are not. The remedy clearly lies in removing these defects.

    To create interest of students in studies. We have introduced Educomp i.e. education through audio visual aids. The students take keen interest even in these subjects which they find boring and difficult. They get practical knowledge of all the subjects.

Mrs. Nandini Sood

“Sound mind is in a sound body”, it is an old saying yet its practicability is more relevant in the present scenario. Affluence have made the students to look towards those things for pleasure, which is not required of their age, Nuclear family have added to the woes of the students. Generally, they have become addict to Computers, Television.  They do not use it to develop their skills or stretch their knowledge horizon but other unethical things. In several cases they lean towards drugs for momentary pleasure,


Developing interest in Sports is the only remedy to wean away the students from these social evils. In these Institutions special emphasis is laid on the development of sports. Effort is made to involve each and every student in it. Second stress is on discipline. We have C.C.T.V. Cameras in every room to curve indiscipline. Periodical charges are carried out in the Market, Cinema Halls and Malls to check truancy among the students. Emphasis is also laid on Yoga. Even there are many career options in Sports too. 

Mrs. Harjit Kaur Kalia


Education is instrument of social change new social change creates new demands that should be fulfilled by the education. It mean Education, social change and social demands are co-related.


Taking into consideration the flows in education system our school is buying the nest to cope up with it. According to the present set up of the society, our school is changed to smart school, which has the better potential to channelize the energy of the students. Apart from the curriculum, other parameters like punctuality, regularity, discipline and moral values is given a great importance. In this way the quality of life can be improved an also the nation can complete with developed nations of the world. 


With the aim of providing quality education our school has given emphasis on building strong foundation of the students. Our institution has produced good engineers, doctors, CA’s and other useful officers. Keeping in view, the present scenario, and competition, our school with the help of qualified teachers and well equipped laboratories and use of modern technology has produced good and enlightened students.

Thus we can say that all round development of personality is the mission of this institution.

Mrs. Sukhjit Kaur


The purpose of education is to empower the mind and soul to achieve its full potential. Proper and practical education is the only vehicle to eliminate poverty, superstitions and to engineer social change. In India, it is more relevant to check the population explosion. It has to be competitive if India has to progress. India has the largest number of youths in the world and employment opportunities and very less so we have to look to outside avenues for this we have to show that our youth is better qualified and hard working, keeping this point in view, we have to update our syllabus. In our school we are laying great stress to make the education practical and potential in approach


       . Mrs.Deepak

Education is a means that transforms a human being into social responsibility. So that good society is created. Education, if effective can end poverty and make a nation independent, economically.

Education, the way it is imparted in majority of the Institutions has got some lapses. Simlantaneously efforts are being done to repair the system, e.g. the recently introduced semester system which helps the students to understand the things more effectively as the system lessens the burden on students. The educomp system is very much effective, informative and has got an excellent visualization effect. The students understand the concept more fast and without cramming. Education can be imparted more effectively, if the teacher, students and parents work in a closer coordination and frequent interactions

Mrs. Anju Garg

Shinning Stars

Roop Karan (+2 Commerce) -
She really deserves to be the shinning star. She is well mannered, laborious and excellent in academics. She keenly participates in extra curricular activities and has got prize in Essay writing competition. She got many prizes in Punjabi folk dance competitions also.

Ravi  is a student of class 10+2 Arts. He has all the qualities of head and heart. He is a God-gifted child. Topped throughout in studies, a good player of cricket and a Versatile Bhangra Dancer.

Rupinder Kaur (+1 Science)
– Shows a great passion towards learning. A silver tounged orator and is admirer of beauty. She aspires to serve the nation by becoming a computer engineer.

Gurjeet Kaur
(+1 Science) – Though introvert but store house of knowledge. She has good academic record. She is a great admirer of art and shows active participation in cultural activities.

Anupam Sood (Comm.) –
  I am proud to be an alumni of this school .I am grateful to the dedicated staff of this school for making me what i am. 

Dilpreet Kaur (9th) -
Apart from high academic performance. She has a strong character and shows great interest in cultural activities.


Disha Dhar
(+2 Non-Medical) Science is her passion and she wants to serve the world by becoming software engineer. Her sportsman spirit is appreciable. She is a great debator and an active participant in cultural activities.


(+2 Medical)
– She wants to serve the country by her dedication and hardwork. Her smile has outshined her personality and she aspires to become a doctor.

(+2 Non-Medical)
A brilliant student with memorable personality. She is a keen observer and for her sky is not the limit. She is a great social worker and wants to serve the nation.   

Harinder (9th)
– She is an obedient, regular and punctual child. She respect every person in front of her and like to take part in every activity of school and good in studies also.


Sarabjeet (9th) -
She is honest, obedient and punctual with freat attitude towards life. She respects everyone in the school and wants to do alot in future.


First day of my school, when i entered the school. I was really afraid of new school but i was really impressed by the facility of the school because of the support of my teachers. Just because of them i have some self confidence in myself. Teaching methods in my school are really good. We made to study with finest technology educomp. High level study, which is very beneficial for students. I’m really thankful to my class teacher she always treated us really well. She encourages us to participate in each and every co-curricular activities. Our teachers are really humble but on other side they are strict also my principal is a very disciplined lady and she likes disciplined students. I think my school is one of the best school in this area. I feel honoured to be a part of this school.

Poonam Garg

+2 (Science)

When I first entered the corridors of my school, all I was thinking of my old school friends and teachers, but after meeting my classmates and subject teachers my worry of being alone vanished. My class teacher was a great support on the first day itself, she made me feel like a part of the school by helping me in completing my notebooks and encouraging me about the school’s teaching and discipline values. The teaching style of every teacher is something I will never forget, it helped me to cope up with my studies very well.


            My favorite day at school is on Friday, because its our “smart class” day. All our subjects are taught on the board by the projector. I really enjoy seeing all the videos of physics and chemistry related chapters, and also the movie version of all the chapters in English, Punjabi and Punjab history and culture.


            My school taught me many things and I will never forget it at all. It is helping me in fulfilling my ambition and I am trying to achieve it. 

Disha Dhar

 (+2 Non-Medical)