Our staff is highly qualified and dedicated. The teacher selection and qualification are as per school education board guided. They have the ability and capacity to establish a very good rapport with the pupils and create congenial, healthy and friendly atmosphere in the classrooms. The main criteria of the staff selection are his qualification and the teacher’s deftness in exploring and discovering the hidden potential of the child.
Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Date of
1 Saurabh Agnihotri Director cum Manager B-Tech, M.B.A 1/6/2009
2 Nandini Sood Principal M.A, B.Ed 15/4/2001
3 Renu SharmaVice PrincipalM.A,M.Phil7/7/1998
4 Sukhjit KaurSociology LecturerM.A, B.Ed18/7/1998
5 Sonia AgnihotriChemistry LecturerM.Sc1/3/2002
6 Harjit KaliaAccountantB.A,Giani,O.T9/4/1999
7 Meenu Wadhwa Comm. Lecturer M.Com,B.Ed 4/8/2003
8 Kulvir Kaur Pbi.Mistress M.A,B.Ed 1/5/2004
9 Divye Mathur Eng. Lecturer M.A 1/4/2005
10 Bhupinder Kaur Co-ordinator B.Com 27/7/2000
11Sarita Aggarwal Accounts Lecturer M.Com,B.Ed 1/4/2003
Rukman Rani Math Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed 4/7/2002
13 Amarjeet Kaur Pbi. Lecturer M.A, B.Ed 1/10/2002
14 Niveditta S.S Mistress M.A,B.Ed 1/3/2002
15 Nisha Rana Primary Teacher M.A,B.Ed 25/4/2007
16 Sunita Hindi Mistress M.A,B.Ed3/7/2007
17 Anju Garg Sci.Mistress & Eng B.Sc,M.A,B.Ed 19/8/2003
18 Harvinder Kaur Pbi.Mistress M.A,B.Ed 8/11/2007
19 Tripat Arts and Craft Teacher M.A Fine Arts,B.Ed 6/4/2010
20 Sushma Pre-Primary Teacher M.A 6/4/2009
21 Meenakshi Librarian M.A,B.Ed,B.Lib 3/5/2010
22 Meena Dhiman Computer Instructor M.Sc IT,N.T.T 20/4/2010
23 Pratibha Bio.Lecturer M.Sc.,B.Ed 15/11/2012
24 Lakshmi Thakur S.S Mistress M.A, B.Ed 17/4/2011
25 Jeevan Jyoti Pre-Primary Teacher M.A ,N.T.T 9/4/2012
26 Dapinder Kaur Chemistry Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed 18/4/2012
27 Rashmi Chemistry Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed 1/5/2013
28 Navjot Kaur Comm. Lecturer M.Com,B.Ed 10/7/2012
29 Mamta Aggarwal Physics Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed 4/7/2011
30               Deepak                   Computer Operator                    M.Sc.,PGDCA 13/11/2011