Account Departments

Payment of Fee:

The Monthly fee should be paid by 10th of each month.   In case the student/parent is unable to do so, late fee of  Rs.20 per day will be charged. If the fee remained unpaid till 20th of the month, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls. In case of readmission the student will have to pay admission fee in addition to amount due towards him.  Parents can also pay the fee due of their wards for the whole year in al lump sum in April.
        o In case of 10th of the month is a holiday next working day will be considered the Last day for payment of fee
        o Fee once paid will not be refunded

Mrs.Harjit Kaur Kalia


Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly is compulsory for all to attend. It develops a spirit  of the collective. All important announcements are made here. Prayer , news  -reading thought for the day, celebration of National Days etc., form an integral part of this assembly.