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Administrator’s Message

Dear parents,
The children of this nuclear age are very alert, active, imitating and keen observer, IN THIS SCHOOL Curriculum, method and mechanism of teaching and learning has been so designed to impart practical training and knowledge in the homely, healthy and congenial atmosphere. The emphasis is on discovering the latent talent and abilities of the child and provide them proper platform and projection top make them self dependent and self seeking social human being and inculcate in them the urge for learning.
In today’s age where schools have sprung up in every nook and corner or alley of the county, all making tall claims to trap the unsuspecting parents, the best way to choose a school for your child is to personally see it yourself. Websites and prospectuses could all be made to look very attractive with the advancement of technology, but a hands on experience In a prospective school that you narrow down determining factor. This prospectus will give you basic information and impression of “A.C. NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL” so special and distinctive in its character, but we would urge you to visit us and see how our boys and girl work, play and interact with our faculty members.
I look forward to your visit to show you all that makes this school so special.
                                        MRS KRISHNA AGNIHOTRI