Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

Ms.Bhupinder Kaur ,Co-ordinator of Cultural Activities
For the intellectual , Cultural and social development of children, school offers a host of co-curricular activities .These are held on every Friday for Juniors (Pre-Nursery to V) and every Saturday for Seniors(VI to XII).Absence of students form these is viewed seriously.

Creative Arts:-
Clay-Modelling , poster making , slogan writing , photography , flower making, cooking painting etc. are all taught through class activities during art and craft periods.

Music, Dance and Drama

School runs special hobby classes in the Zero periods for helping children to acquire expertise in Indian music dance and drama. Stage performance, folk dance , Bhangra , Gidhha , Music, Acting ,Pantomime etc. are organized every session.

Public Speaking :-

In order to develop in children the art of public speaking, inter–class debates declamations , recitations, extempore speeches, paper reading, story telling sessions, book reviews, on  the spot story building    contests ,youth parliament sessions  etc are held from time to time.
Skating Rink:-
Roller Skating Rink is complete and will be open to all students who wish to take part in the game.
Shooting Rink:-
In order to give preliminary Training  as a soldier and promoting of Shooting  Game arrangements for the same has been made from the coming Academic Session.

School Houses:-
All the students of the school are divided into four houses. Gandhi, Subhash ,Nehru, Tagore, the houses  have their own flags. One house controls all the activities for a week. The  students of the house controls all the activities for the week. The students for the house on duty check the late comers , neatness of uniform, cleanliness of school and discipline etc. Different  competitions  are held among the houses. The Houses Captains perform their duties under the guidance of the teachers.
The School Council:-
The Students are elected for the posts of:-
1.    Prefect (a boy and a girl)
2.    House Captain ,Vice Captain
3.    Class Monitors (a boy and a girl)

Each child of the school  has the privilege of casting his/her vote during the  election of the above said posts

Activities Planner

We at A.C.N.P  provide a range of co-scholastic learning opportunities to children through sports, hobbies, clubs, trips etc. for their all round development. We believe in ‘Learning by doing’ system of teaching.

A.C. National Public Sr.Secondary  School
Activity planner for session 2013-14

April:- Welcome to the kingdom  of Fun & Frolic
Project of the Month: Go Green- Leaves Designing.
8 April:- Thematic Assembly (Be Eco-friendly)
8 -14 April: Table Manners Week
6 April:-  Nutritious Tiffin competition & Table Manners, Movie Day
7 April:- World Health Day
8April:- How to keep Healthy?( Tips )
12 April: - Drawing Competition on Baisakhi

21 April:-  Earth Day
22 April:- Green Day –giving knowledge about green colour, pledge for green & Clean Earth Drawing competitions ( Go green) Poetry Day for all
23 April:-  Spoken English Workshop, Different  leaves, fruits, vegetables, clothes,
27 April:-  Last Saturday (PTM)
29 April:-  Hobby  workshop

May :- Learn in fun ,Be creative,

Project of the Month - - Paste the pictures of different Weathers & Clothes

7  May:- Thematic Assembly- (Save Water Save Environment )
1 May:- Dignity of labour day- Child labour a curse ( Skit)
3 May :- Inter National Sun Day
5 May:- Press Day- Picture Describing Day

7-11 May: - Dinning Etiquettes & Grooming Week
7 May:- World Red Cross Day
8 May:- Card Making on Mother’s Day
11May:-  Mother’s Day Celebration & Etiquettes Competition .
12 May:- Second Saturday(off)
14-19 May: - Always speak Truth Week
14 May: - Paper Tearing & Pasting Day
15 May :- International Family & summer Fruits  day
16 May:-World Telecommunication Day
17 May:- Show & Tell Day
18 May : - Splash Pool Activity

19 May:-
PTM (Handing over Summer Assignments to Parents )
20May: - Sunday

21May2 June: - Ist Batch of Summer Camp
  Calligraphy, Spoken English, Dance, Drawing, Rangoli Designing, Yoga, Healthy Salads, Gift Packing, Craft Work Taekwondo, Fitness, Embroidery etc.

June:- (Fun and  joy with studies)

Project of the Month – Good Manners, Etiquettes, Means of Transport

4-15 June: - IInd Batch of Summer Camp
16- 28 June:- IIIrd Batch of Summer Camp
17 June :- IInd Sunday  Father’s Day

Project: and Assignment for Summer Break
July:- ( Get into the English world )
Project of the Month - - Paste the pictures of different Animals & Birds.
9 July:-Thematic Assembly-Be –Eco- Friendly

5 July Thursday: - School Re-opens
7 July Saturday: - English Rhyme Day, Presentation of Summer Assignments
9-13July:- Be Polite & Humble Week
13 JulyFriday : - English Story Day
14 July: IInd Saturday Off
16 July Monday: White colour day , World Population day
18 July Wednesday :- Juice Day

 21 July Saturday :- Monsoon Party

23-28 July:-  Save Trees Week
23 July Monday: - Tree Plantation
24 July Tuesday :- Tree Decoration
25July Wednesday :- Importance Of trees  
26July Thursday :- Drawing & Colorings  trees
28 July:-Saturday ( PTM)
30 JulyMonday :- Rakhi Making Day
August:- Go into Patriotic Grooves)
Project of the Month - Paste the pictures of different Freedom Fighters

6 August:- Thematic Assembly- Significance of independence Day &  Our Duties to Motherland
2 August Thursday :- Holiday
3 August Friday :- Celebration of Pink day  

 4 August  Saturday :-  Flag making ,

 6 -11 August :-   Patriotism week
6 August  Monday :-Hiroshima Day
7 August Tuesday :- Patriotism Poetry recitation
8 AugustWednesday  :-  Quit India Day – (Documentary Film on Quit India)
9 AugustThursday  :-  Nagasaki  Day,  Krishna janamasthmi Celebration  
11 August Friday :-  Krishna janamasthmi (off)
11 August :-  Second Saturday (Off )
13 August Monday :- Sweets Day
14 August Tuesday :-   Independence Day celebration
 ( Face Painting , Fancy dress, Rangoli Design, Know India, Dance and Patriotic Song Competition)
15AugustWednesday :-  Off
20 – 25 August :-Arrange Your Things Yourself week
24 August  Friday:-  Inter School Colouring Competition
25 August :-  Last Saturday ( PTM  )
29 August Wednesday :- Indoor Sports Competition
September:- ( Love to Mother Tongue)
Project of the Month - Paste the pictures of Domestic & Wild animals
10 September:- Thematic Assembly- Rashtra Basha Hindi
3 Septermber-Monday :- greeting Card Making on Teacher’s Day
5 September:-  Teacher’s Day Celebration
7- 14 September:-  Hindi Week

7 September:-  Hindi Poetry Recitation
8 September:-  Hindi Story Narration
10 September:-  Hindi Sulekh Lekhan

11 September:-  Rashtra Bhasha Hindi  Collage Work

12 September:- Akhbar Pathan Pratiyogita
13 September:-  Hindi Puzzle

14  September:-  Hindi Diwas Celebration

16 September:- Ozone Day
16-22 September:-  How to attend guests
17 September:-Green Day Celebration

18 September:-Green Salad Day

27 September:- World tourism day ( Chandigarh Darshan
29 September:- PTM

October:-  ( Be Sympathetic to Animals)

Project of the Month - Paste the pictures of Festivals of India

1 October:- Thematic Assembly- Our Festivals
1 October: - Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti
3 October:- A visit to Zoo(Tentative)
6 October:- World Animals & Welfare Day- Project projection in Zoo
8-12 October: - Confidence Inculcating Week

8- October:-Smartly Dressing Sense
9- October:-Smartly Speaking  Sense
10- October:-Smartly Walking Sense
11- October:-Smartly Eating  Sense
12- October:-Smartly Presenting Sense

13 October;- Second Saturday( P.T.M.)

15-20 October: - Festivity Week

20 October:- Dusshera celebration
24 october;- Dusshera Off
27 October:- PTM

Project of the Month - Paste the pictures of Healthy Habits

5 November:- Thematic Assembly-Importance Of Physical Activities & Yoga

1 November:- Mehandi Day
2 November:-Rangoli  Designing
3 November:- Salad competition
4 November:-  Vocabulary Sharp competition

9 November:- Diya and Candle Desigining Competition, Class Decoration Competition
10 November:- Second Saturday ( Off )
12 October;- Diwali Celebration

                   13-18 NovemberDiwali Break

19-24 November: - Health Week

19 November: - Orange Day
20 November: - Spiritual Health  Day
21 November: - Mental  Health  Day

22 November: - Moral  Health  Day

20 November: - Physical  Health  Day
24 November:- Last Saturday( PTM )
26 November:- Annual Sports Day

December:- (A time to Celebration)
   Project of the Month – Draw or Paste the pictures of Christmas and new year card
3 December:- Thematic Assembly- Importance of  Books
1 December:- World’s Aids day( Red Ribbon Day ), Clay modeling competition,
3 December:- Dry  Fruit day,
7 December:- Flag’s Day
8 December:- ( Proud to be a Girl, Poster Designing -Save Girl Child)
8 December:- Daughters Day
 10 December:- Human Right’s Day
13-14 December:- Talent Hunt Inter School
17-22 November: - Christmas  Week

17 December:-Food of Child’s choice

18 December:-Santa Cap Making
19 December:-Santa Mask  Making
20 December:-Christmas Tree Decoration
  21 December:-       Song & Rhymes  day

22 December:-      Christmas celebration,  
24 December:- Memory Test ,
26 December:-  Pictures description test
29 December:- Last Saturday Art/Craft/Exhibition,

Winter Break 30 Dec- 15 Jan 2013

January 2013
Project of the Month – Draw or Paste the pictures of Different Fruits & Vegetables
16 January:- Thematic Assembly- Character Building Factors-
( Behaviour  with Elders, Parents, Grandparents)

14-19 January: - English Proficiency Week

21-26 January: - Know the Constitution  Week

25 Jan.;- Celebration of Republic day- Patriotic poems/ songs/ dance competition
26 Jan.:-  Saturday ( Holiday )

Project work:- Paste the pictures of different  fruits & Vegetables.

February 2013:- Prepare for the Best.
Project of the Month: - Means of Transport
4 February:- Thematic Assembly- Keep Your Surrounding Clean
2 Feb.:- World Cancer day, Photo frame making competition
5 Feb.:-  Gajar Halwa Day
9 Feb.:- Basant Panchmi celebration, visit to a rose Garden,Kite flying / yellow day/ yellow tiffin or fruits.(Tentative)
9 Feb. :- Second Saturday ( Off)
16 Feb. :-Rehersal Day

17 Feb.:- Achievements Day Celebration
18 Feb.  Off to All
28 Feb. :- National Science Day

March 2013:- ( Prove U R Genius )
Project of the Month:- Babies of Animals
4 March:- Thematic Assembly- How to become Genius
5 March:- Community Lunch
                  Summative assessment-II Start                        
                    Holi Celebration
17 March:- Summative assessment-II Ends.

24 March:- Report card day ( Tentative)

Excursion & Tours

To widen the knowledge, the students visit various places in Zirakpur and outside also.

Pre –primary Classes –

I – IV – Pinjore Garden,Fun City,Chhat Bir Zoo
V – IX - Virasat-e-Khalsa, Anandpur Sahib,Thunder Zone
X & XII -  Mac-Donald,Thunder Zone,Tara Devi Camp Shimla