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Welcome To A.C National Sr. Secondary School


A.C.Educational  welfare Society was established in 1983 to impart quality education and spread general awakening in this educationally  backward area of Zirakpur in the vicinity of Chandigarh.For this purpose A.C.National Public .Sen.Sec.School  was established  in 1983 in Zirakpur. With the growth of Zirakpur from tiny hamlet to a full fledged city ,the school  grew to the level of senior secondary . Now it is a smart  school.
The school is equipped with modern Math, Computer, Chemistry, Physics, Biology Lab, well equipped Library and well planned Transport of its own. This school is famous in the area in science, commerce, and Arts Board results and discipline. The school  has well qualified and mature staff. This school is affiliated in Pb school Education Board.
There are  special arrangements for  sports in both the schools. The school got  Gold and Bronze Medals and merit position not only in state but at the National School  Games. These achievements  are all due to the best management, trained , dedicated and hard working staff and the co-operation of the parents and their confidence in the management      


Summer                                                                                                   8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m

 Winter                                                                                                     8:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m   



XI th & XIIth (Monday to Saturday)

Boys                                                                                                    Girls

        Summer Check shirt, Brown pants,                                                    Summer   Check Kameez,White 

                       Tie, Belt , Brown turban/                                                                        Salwar,Brown Socks

                       Patka, Black Leather Shoes


       Winter   Same as summer with

                       Brown Sweater

K.G to 10th



Boys                                                                                                    Girls

        Summer Check shirt, Brown knickers/                                                  Summer  Check Shirts,Brown Skirts

                       Pants,Brown socks                                                                                       Tunic,Brown Socks

                      Tie, Belt , Brown turban/                                                                              White Ribon,Tie,Belt,                                                                        

                       Patka, Black Leather Shoes                                                                          Black Leather Shoes    


       Winter   Same as summer with                                                                 Winter    Same as summer with

                       Brown Sweater                                                                                             Brown Sweater




Boys                                                                                                    Girls

      Summer HouseT- shirt, White Canvas                                                   Summer   HouseT- Shirts,White

                      Shoes,white pants/nickers                                                                         canvas shoes,white      

                      White turban/patka                                                                                    skirts/tunics, white                                                                        

                       white shocks                                                                                                ribbon ,white socks       


     Winter   White shirt, White Canvas                                                           Winter  White shirt white ,

                     Shoes,white pants/                                                                                     canvas shoes,white      

                      White turban/patka                                                                                   skirts/tunics, white                                                                         

                      Brown sweater                                                                                            ribbon ,white socks       

                                                                                                                                  Brown sweater          








Boys                                                                                                    Girls

      Summer  Red- yellow check nicker/                                                   Summer  Red –Yellow check

                       Pants yellow shirt ,tie                                                                            tunic,yellow shirt      

                       Belt,red socks ,black                                                                               tie, belt ,red socks,black                                                                         

                       Leather shoes                                                                                         leather shoes            


     Summer Red- yellow check                                                                 Winter     Red –Yellow check

                      Pants yellow shirt ,tie                                                                            tunic,yellow shirt      

                      Belt,red socks ,red                                                                                  tie, belt ,red socks,                                                                        

                       Sweater,black leather shoes                                                                red sweater,

                                                                                                                                         black leather shoes





 Boys                                                                                                   Girls

      Summer White Pant/ nicker                                                                        Summer white tunic

                       white shirt tie,belt                                                                                        white shirt      

                      White turban/patka                                                                                      tie, belt, white socks                                                               

                       white shocks,white                                                                                      white canvas shoes       

                       white canvas shoes         


   Winter       same as summer                                                                          Winter     same as summer

                      with Red Sweater                                                                                           with Red Sweater



               Admissions are made in the month of March/April for the academic session starting from April, subject to test and availability of seats. Students selected from admission are required to produce the school leaving certificate from the school they attended last. Students, who have not attended any recognized school earlier, are required to submit original or an attested copy of the birth certificate. Criteria for admission or Secondary/Sr. Secondary Level are made as per guidelines, issued by the Punjab Education Board from time to time.

               The monthly fees are to be paid by the 10th of each month……. A late fees is charged from the students after the date. If the fees remain unpaid up to the 20th of the month, the name of the student is struck off the rolls. The student, if allowed re-admission, shall have to pay fresh admission fee in addition to the amount already due from him.

               The school fees in a class are payable for 12 months.



1.                All students are answerable to the school authorities for their behavior inside and outside the school.

2.                All students should observe punctuality and regularity in addition to school rules of discipline.

3.                If a student remains absent from the school without sanction of leave for ten working days continuously, his/her name will be struck off the rolls.

4.                Parents are requested to conform to the visiting hours of the school. They should not disturb the teacher in the class.

5.                Parents are requested to provide neat and clean Uniform to their children.

6.                Parents should see and sign hand-book of the children daily.

7.                Children will not be allowed to leave the school earlier once they come to school in the morning. Leave will be granted only in very special cases and that too on the written request of the Parents. 

8.                The Principal reserves the right of debarring a student from attending classes, should he/she not conform to the school regulations with regards to school Uniform, Home-Work, Discipline etc.

9.                Decisions of the Principal in all school matters shall be final and binding.

10.             Parents are requested to encourage the participation of student in cultural activities, games and cultural tours.